Thursday, May 01, 2008

Now I'm Just Curious

So my cool pastor has a blog. Take a look at his picture and you'll see what I mean. See? Cool. Plus, I suspect he's even more into his hair product than I am - which, my friends, is extremely impressive. Pete, care to share your favorite product with the world? I'm very curious.

Anyway, in his blog entry today, he asked his readers to go out on a limb and reveal their guilty pleasures. There was a wide variety of of my favorites being Jarrod's (our worship leader), who confessed to the TV show "Boy Meets World." I can't say too much because I've watched my fair share of that show myself. I went with Hulu and watching Bear Grylls, but technically, I don't consider Bear Grylls a guilty pleasure. It's a full-fledged pleasure.

Then I felt a little guilty about not taking it to the Boy Meets World level, so I had to go back and post again.

It's Peter Benchley's "Creature."

I am absolutely powerless to resist. If it is on TV, I will watch it. Come on - it's Craig T. Nelson and a shark/man. I'm supposed to resist that?? While I'm being honest, I'll also admit to a strong fondness for '70's disaster movies like The Poseidon Adventure and The Towering Inferno.

How about you? Care to share your guilty (or full-fledged) pleasure?


brandiandboys said...

Pete uses "got to be" as his hair product. Purchased from Kroger. He doesn't know what he uses, just puts it on my grocery list about every 6 weeks! :)

Love your new design.