Monday, May 12, 2008

Today's Plan B

I had plans today. Nothing major...just do some school with Natalie, go to the library, do some laundry and house stuff. I didn't have to be anywhere; I just had things I wanted to do. Greg had a meeting that I didn't know about, which is really no big deal since he spends most of the day in his basement office anyway. He left and I helped the kids get dressed so we could head to the library.

A few minutes later Greg called. Enter Plan B. When he got in his truck, he noticed this on the Explorer:
Hm. It wasn't like that when we came home from church yesterday. We don't know what happened, but there was a definitely entry spot here:
And a chunk had fallen out on the opposite side:
Thankfully, we have full glass coverage with no deductible on our auto insurance. Definitely a bright side. I called our insurance agent, who called the glass company, who called me back right away and the glass man came and replaced the window this afternoon.

Of course, all of this meant that I couldn't use the car until the glass man left, so Plan B also included the bonus of spending the day outside on a lovely day! Yes, we could have stayed in and done school and laundry (and the huge pile of laundry still sitting here indicates that perhaps I should have), but I figured that we might as well spend a much time outside as we can since it will soon be too hot, humid and mosquito-ridden for me to want to do so.

So our Plan B included a little bit of this:
Followed by playing "construction site" in the dirt (no pics of that) - and then lunch outside in the shade:
The kids happily entertained themselves and I sat out on the deck and worked on my Bible study lesson. Now my arms are a nice shade of red. I even grilled myself a hot dog for lunch. As frustrated as I was early this morning, I can see now that I really needed Plan B. Mentally and emotionally, I needed a day to just be.

And besides, how can you stay grumpy about Plan B when you look up from your reading and see this?