Wednesday, May 21, 2008


A few weeks ago, I subscribed to National Geographic. I grew up looking at the magazines and regardless of the general theme of the issue, I could always find something fascinating in those glossy pages. After I filled out the subscription form, I looked online to see what the current NG issue had to offer and was taken aback by what I saw.


Huh? Yes, Nudibranchs. Mollusks, sometimes known as sea slugs. Their name means "naked gill." They live in saltwater, have a life-span of about one year and are toxic. Some Nudibranchs have their own toxins and others acquire them from what they eat. Interesting, but these facts are not what amaze me about Nudibranchs. These little fellas happen to be some of the most creative-looking creatures I have seen.
See what I mean? (This photograph and a few others, by David Doubilet, are offered by National Geographic as free computer wallpaper.)

Whether or not you care about random little sea creatures, I want to encourage you to go look at the pictures of the Nudibranchs on the National Geographic site. They are all so different and beautiful in their own ways.

I think you'll be amazed!

*This post is part of the Watercooler Wednesday blog carnival.