Monday, May 05, 2008

A Long-Awaited Event Finally Happens

For some mysterious reason, Natalie and Ethan decided they would like to go bowling for their birthdays this year. I don't know why the idea of bowling was so appealing to them, but it was. Greg has been putting them off ever since (their birthdays are late January/early February), but he finally caved last week. He was in Indianapolis last week at WFX, where he taught a few sessions, did some demos and held a marathon three-and-a-half hour Q&A session - so when he came home we decided to surprise the kids with bowling.

They had no idea what we were doing and I wish I could have gotten a picture of their faces when they realized where we were. It was priceless! We picked a great time to go (Friday afternoon), too. There were a few lanes in use, so it was very relaxed and not as distracting for the kids.

We played three games and the kids loved it. Ethan did about as well as I did (bear in mind that I am a horrible bowler and also haven't bowled in at least 15 years). I also think bumpers should be allowed for all novice bowlers, regardless of age. I shudder to think of how low my score would have been without them.

Have you done anything fun lately?